Black Patch

Pirate Captain


Black Patch
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2064
Origin: Unknown
Current: Deceased
Alliances: The Future
Advancement: Strong/Tough
Black Patch – Is Captain of the Hook a poorly armed pirate ship of frigate size that has been in his family hands for decades. He has PL 6- weapons but a crew of bloodthirsty pirates that like to steal and kill. Captain Black Patch had a medium sized pirate ship named Dragonship that was destroyed by the crew of the GCS Starfire. He hates all Galactic Rangers.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [08:11:25]
2124.10 – Galactic Concord – Piracy.
2124.11 – Thuldan Empire – Piracy.
2125.05 – Ringunmor Star Consortium – Piracy.
2127.08 – Crematoria.

SLS: Capture.

2126.02 – Galactic Concord Frontier (North)

2125.12 – The Badlands – The medium sized pirate ship Dragonship became a danger on the frontier. Its captain, the pirate named Black Patch attacked many Galactic Concord starships. The crew of the GCS Starfire had fight against them.
2126.01: Caution advised. Very Dangerous – Don’t hesitate to use force, call for backup.
2126.01 – The crew of the GCS Starfire are taken prisoner by the Dragonship pirates and then escaped.
2126.03 – The crew of the GCS Starfire investigated a strange ghostly occurrence on a space hunk and encounter a person trapped that was a robot planted by Captain Black Patch to infiltrate and destroy the GCS Starfire.
2126.05 – The crew of the GCS Starfire is able to destroy the Dragonship of captain Black Patch. Black Patch escapes.
2126.06: [Orto Purell de la Torre] "Black Patch es un pirata demasiado despiadado. En un momento dado me estaba buscando por que necesitaba un buen piloto para su nave Hook, pero ese no es mi estilo. Estuvo apunto de encontrarme y tuve que disfrazarme para que no me reconociera y con todo y eso estuvo apunto de detectarme con su astucia. Según me cuentas, no deja a nadie vivo en las naves que ataca. Y por si acaso alguien se escondió demasiado bien en la nave abordada, la descomprime por dentro o la destruye, por que no le gustan los sobrevivientes. "
2126.12 – The Badlands – Encounter of the GCS Starfire with Captain Black Patch near the Badlands. His new pirate ship the “Hook” is damaged but escaped.
2127.07.05 – Deadwood – Under the command of Penelope Ranger, the crew of the GCS Penelope was investigating a lead about a missing person, Olarda Rodengene, on planet Deadwood. They were able to find her and capture the crew of the pirate ship The Hook with the help of local authorities. The remaining skeleton crew of the starship Hook escaped to shadow space.
2127.07.10 – Crematoria – Black Patch was sent to prison planet Crematoria with 20 of the most dangerous members of his crew. The Hook was is storage in GCS Templaria B.
2128.03.13 – GCS Templaria B Captains Black-Patch and Cannibal are transported by the GCS Penelope to station GCS Templaria B under the custody of Project K to investigate their relationship to the organization called The Future. Black Patch dies during a riot.


Black Patch

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