Race: Humans (Cyborg)
Sex/Born: Male/2109
Origin: Unknown
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Smart?
Cyb-Brain is a mystery even for the other members of the Scrapbook crew. He was found by Avalonia Ninesef on a cryo-tube inside a hidden compartment of a scraped starship on Yunkworld. Since he awakened he has been helping them built their starship and even when he stays almost all the time in his quarters, he is friendly to the other crew members and to Avalonia herself.

About Cyb-Brain: Both Shaika and Ashlore Dalzpia agreed that the technology on Cyb-Brain implants is PL7 or more. Doctor Smoker is the only one who has been close enough to examine Cyb-Brain and he isn’t speaking.



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