Eddie Willard

"You can't stop the signal."


Eddie Willard
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2110
Origin: New Mars
Current: near Templaria System
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Smart:3/Hacker:3/Techie:3
Eddie Willard AKA Edward Willard III AKA Mr. Universe is the rebellious son of Edward Willard. He is a good hacker and techie and works in the Galacnet Relay Station located in the Frontier near Templaria System. He is in charge of keeping the station working. He distrust corporations and the government and has befriended more than one rebel. He recently married his Lenore Cute robot. He was seen stepping on a cloth-wrapped glass (as well as wearing a yarmulke) in a video clip of his wedding, indicating that he may be Jewish.

Mr. Universe is a reclusive techno-geek. He lives alone with his love-bot “wife”, Lenore. He had a great affinity for data and was capable of intercepting nearly any transmission or recording in the system. When Eddie was a student he, achieved the highest possible grades by manipulating the school’s software.


Eddie Willard

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