Edward Willard

CEO & Genius


Edward Willard
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2091
Origin: New Mars
Current: New Mars
Alliances: Auto Dynamics
Advancement: Smart:3/Charismatic:3/Engineer:7
Edward Willard II is the head of Auto Dynamics and one of the most brilliant men on the Galactic Concord. He was the successor of Dustin Willford(!) and Brat Hoffman (!) two important people for the corporation. He’s a legend so built up, people asks who this guy is, and then when you meet him, and he’s just this old guy making dinner with his robe on. He is a matter-of-fact, very mundane, simple, and kind of freaky that way. He is told to have “tremendous presence”. Willard is bisexual, rumors are he slept with Ms. Claude(!) his secretary, the Egg-Head(!) (his butler), his other secretary Ms. Mason(!), and even got his son’s teacher pregnant. He’s the father of Eddie Willard.

2120.10 – New MarsMichael Drakoulias and Edward Willard are bitter enemies because Willard brought the two small companies of Drakoulias Gambon Transports and Oseary Constructions and he had to close them because they were bankrupt.

2124.09 – New MarsZacharias Quincy worked with Auto Dynamics as the bodyguard and pilot of Mr. Edward Willard until this date were he was found to have a fake id and reported. Zacharias escaped to the Frontier and since then he has not returned to New Mars.


Edward Willard

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