Gardhy Agent of the Void

Strange Secret Agent


Gardhy Agent of the Void
Race: Gardhyi
Sex/Born: Male/?
Origin: Gardh
Current: None
Alliances: The Klicks
Advancement: Charismatic/Infiltrator/Arcane Arranger
Agent 13 – These individuals has been seen in mayor places where conflicts and chaos can be provoked. Is unknown if he’s responsible or only a witness but is considered dangerous. Accounts of his appearances have reported abilities to inflict damage without touching his target and disappear without a trace. Is unknown if he was on the three locations on 2125.12 the same days or if there is more than one Agent. They identify themselves as Agent 13, Agent 14, Agent 15, etc. They work for the organization known as Agents of the Void. The Gardhy agents have been working for decades in different planets of the galaxy. One of the aliases is as the serial killer known as The Shadow, dangerous criminal charged with at least 90 accounts of murder in 9 different planets. They have also been discovered that they are the same space creatures that the GCS Celeste discovered before, the Banshees, A space-faring predator. They teleport aboard spaceships as they travel at lightspeed. They are violent, impervious to regular weapons and teleport away as suddenly as they arrive. They also emit a high pitched sonic “scream” that can disorient a person in close quarters, which is where they get their name from. If they manage to kill everyone aboard the ship they will envelope it in an organic cocoon and teleport it with them back to their hyperspace hive.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: Deceased.
2091.11 – Ringunmor Star Consortium – Serial killer.
2101.05 – Thuldan Empire – Assassin.
2109.09 – Ringunmor Star Consortium – Assassin.
2111.04 – Ringunmor Star Consortium – Assassin.
2115.02 – Persephone – Assassin.
2125.05 – Gardh – The crew of the GCS Celeste had various encounters with members of the race known as Gardhy. The crew tracked the attackers to planet Gardh and reported their ability to teleport to ships. They kill Agent 12.
2124.10 – Central Point – Assassin.
2125.12 – Templaria III – Assassin. Coordination of terrorist attack.
2125.12 – Spes – Agent 13 – Assassin. Prelude to klick invasion, possibly scout.
2125.12 – Rakkle – Agent 13 – Assassin. Prelude to klick invasion, possibly scout.
2126.05 – CE Terek Nor – Agent 13 – Assassin. Political intrigue.
2126.06: Agent 13 is killed by the crew of the GCS Penelope. Deceased.
2126.11.15 – Felinia – Necromongers attack planet Felinia and almost destroy all Cat Folks. Contaminating the planet with radiation and killing all who oppose them. The crew of the GCS Penelope and the GCS Future stop them and the 1 million converted necromongers fleet is destroyed leaving only the survivor leaders and lest than 5,000 necrons. They also discovered that Agent 14 was there influencing them.
2127.02.30 – – [[Ki’inroh]] – Agent 14 and Agent 15 attack a scientist lab on planet [[Ki’inroh]] is destroyed, twice in the same day, the Crew of the GCS Penelope are able to find the scientist, Doctor Likos, and help the local authorities stop a disturbance in the city. The scientist developed a weapon capable of pinpointing the void inside people and kill them.
2127.03.10 – [[Ki’inroh]] – Local authorities discover that the Gardhy Agents of the Void, the serial killer known as the Shadow and the space creatures known as the Banshees are the same! They collaborate the information with the crew of the GCS Celeste. The Codex Galactica merges the three files.
2127.05.30 – The Agents of the Void are dissolved when the Void’s fragment is destroyed.

SLS: Pending: Capture or destruction.

2127.03 – New Jupiter – Agent 16 is seen around the moons of New Jupiter tracking a traceable communication made by Alexander Troy.

2126.01 – Very dangerous, use force if necessary. Caution advised. Call for backup.
2126.06 – Is known that Agent 13 and his predecessors and successors work for an entity known as The Void. Dangerous Klick government agent.
2127.02 – [[Ki’inroh]] – The Gardhy Agents displayed the following powers and equipment: Dataread, Electrical Shock Glove, Holoprojector, Photon Shield, Alien Probe. It’s also discovered by Commander Shuvers Aellyez of the GCS Penelope that they smoke a complex chemical substance to keep his lungs balanced and be able to function normally. If they fail to do so each hour, they will start suffering the effects of normal atmospheres on their bodies.



Gardhy Agent of the Void

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