Gatekeeper 251

"Welcome, how can I be of assistance?"


Gatekeeper 251
Race: Altered Ones (Human)
Sex/Born: Female/2091
Origin: Corpworld
Current: GCS Templaria B
Alliances: Gatemasters
Advancement: Charismatic/Smart
Gatekeeper Egghead Doll. She’s the agent, public relations manager, representative and lawyer of the Fraals with everything that has to do with the Stargate’s and Gate Technology. She’s a difficult, business like person that likes her position of power and wants to keep it that way. This specific clone works at the Stargate located on the Templaria System. She’s an InVitro specifically designed by UniCorp to do her job. She compensates for all the naiveness and social inaptitude of the Fraals. Gatekeeper models are designed with increase in their Intellect (Egghead) and charisma.


2128.08 – GCS Templaria BGatekeeper 251 and Rock AP 1019 have starting a sexual relationship. This is normal in Corpworld society and is seen as something healthy for the physical and emotional condition of the Altered Ones.


Gatekeeper 251

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