Groceous Gard



Groceous Gard
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2071
Origin: Orion 5
Current: Frontier One (22C7)
Baron Groceous Gard -Master of planet Orion and a really annoying pain in the ass. He really believes he’s in charge of the planet but is only a puppet for the pirates, traders and smugglers. He has some ships and soldiers and can be a problem if he feels he’s been ignored. He has some spies around the main tradeport and is always trying to secure his own profit from the shadow business on “his” planet.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [09:11:25]
2126.04.01 – Orion 5 – Due to illegal activities commited by a great number of members of the Church of the Necromongers in planet Orion 5, and his direct involvement in the construction of the starship-fortress of theirs, Baron Gard is held for questioning by Galactic Fleet authorities in the GCS Sovereign.
2126.11 – Orion 5 – Released after questioning and investigation. Findings: No involvement.

SLS: Charges dropped.

2126.04 – Orion 5



Groceous Gard

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