Jada Pin



Jada Pin
Race: Humans (Skrulls)
Sex/Born: Female/2093
Origin: Skrull
Current: Central Point (41C1)
Alliances: Thuldan Empire
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Fast:5/Gunslinger:10
Jada is one bad ass bitch. It is unknown if she works for the Blood Axis or not, but if she is sent to see you, you’re in trouble. She doesn’t come to bring you in or collect money from you. She is a messenger, a messenger of pain. The good news is that she won’t kill you (intentionally); the bad news is that you might wish she had.

2127.01: [Barty Banks] “Don’t mess with Jada, she will frell you up! That is the toughest bitch I have ever met.”

Star Law Classification:
2126.12 – It still unconfirmed that Jada Pin has worked for and with the Thuldan Empire Hetscar or for the Blood Axis.


Jada Pin

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