James Winter



James Winter
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2102
Origin: Cestus III
Current: Cestus III
Alliances: Self
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Dedicated
James Winter is the only law in Winter Hills and he’s a very odd man. He was the son of the planet’s only marshal. As an empath, he experiences what others nearby are feeling. This means that he is a pacifist, because punching or shooting someone is not pleasant. He doesn’t respect Sherriff Cam Hicks but is because he doesn’t want anyone to interrupt the work they do on Winter Hills with violence. He tries to solve everything before guns are draw.

“Heck, I think that I would spend all day at the whorehouse. Find a good spot in the hallway and take a seat. On the other hand, public restrooms would be avoided.”


James Winter

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