Jaraele Kastro



Jaraele Kastro
Race: Orions
Sex/Born: Female/2094
Origin: Orion 5
Current: Central Point
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Fast:2/Charismatic:2/Swingler:2/Gunslinger:2
Jaraele “The Swift” Kastro is a mercenary very far away from home. She is currently working on the Ringunmor Star Consortium as a “freelance arranger” whatever that means to Morians and Orions is a mystery. She had a short affair with a man named Benjamin Castro on Orion 5 before moving to the RSC on 2126. Jaraele could be a soft spoken orion but also is swift and dangerous when needs to. As she is fast with the gun as she’s with the tongue, she likes to keep her cluros intact and make others feel uncomfortable with her skills and guts.

2126.11 – Ms. Kastro traveled to the edge of the Galactic Concord Frontier to find job on the Shadow planets of the west. She didn’t travel alone. She works for a few months in Pipeworld.

2127.09.12 – Jaraele Kastro moves to Templaria III to work for Helena Troys.


Jaraele Kastro

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