Jeriryan Seven



Jeriryan Seven
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Female/2094
Origin: New Terra
Current: Deceased (2126.11)
Alliances: Cult of the Cykotek
Advancement: Dedicated/Charsimatic
Jeriryan Seven -This member of the Cult of the Cykotek has appear all around the frontier Worlds and Shadow Planets of the D quadrants recruiting followers for her faith. So far she has been very successful. She’s a preacher for this cult and a dangerous one. A warrant for her arrest has been issued by the Frontier Fleet regarding a riot on planet Grandos that caused the death of two Starfleet Officers. She had a short romance with Alexander Troy.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [07:09:15]
2126.05 – Grandos – Murder of two star law officers.
2126.11 – Aleer B – Kidnapping of Scientists.

SLS: Deceased.


2126.11 – Aleer B – It was discovered that Jeriryan Seven was an Agents of the Void and she was killed by Alexander Troy of the GCS Penelope.


Jeriryan Seven

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