Khopa Hopper

Owner of Hopper's Cantina


Khopa Hopper
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2089
Origin: Bezhin 6
Current: Bezhin 6
Alliances: Malthar’s Crime Syndicate
Advancement: Strong/Charismatic
Khopa Hopper is the owner of Hopper’s Cantina, a man with bad reputation and underground resources. He has contacts with the Ghost Market, hey! he is the local Ghost Market! Always in the company of a few well armed bodyguard and with four or five Killmercs just a call away.

2128.03.19 – Bezhin 6 – The Dynamite Gang make dealings with Khopa Hopper and Furlow for the refit of the Gray Crow using vital components of the GCS Icarus and then disposing of the Galactic Concord starship. They are able to use a Ghostnet node controlled by the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate to contact freelancers around the Neutral Zone and hire the crew they need for the Gray Ghost.

2128.05.30 – Orto Purell is sent to the hospital on Bezhin 6 capital city after he has a small misunderstanding with Khopa Hopper and his bodyguards about a girl named Violet.


Khopa Hopper

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