Kylee Hanaran



Kylee Hanaran
Race: Bajorians
Sex/Born: Female/2101
Origin: Bajor
Current: Galactic Concord
Alliances: Galactic Concord Military
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Strong:3/Tough:1/Bug Hunter:1
Ensign Kylee was a resistance fighter against the Cardassian Empire during the occupation of her homeplanet Bajor. Having lived a childhood of war she knew nothing else and so she joined with the resistance when they too went off to fight the Cardassians. Eventually she ran afoul of a Galactic Concord Military ship and was sentenced to New Pluto because of her involvement in a number of bombings on various spaceports that traded with the Cardassians. She was “liberated” by a pirate ship, or so she thought but in reality the Pirate Ship The Whip salved her. She was raped, humiliated, and tortured numerous times. They subjected her to things that are far too horrible to describe. She escaped and joined the Galactic Concord Military to hunt pirates. She is a very good marine but is just started with the rank of Ensign.

2128.08.29 – GCS Templaria B – Doctor Shuvers Aellyez studies the file of Kylee Hanaran and discovers some strange information missing, her last two to three years are ok, but before that the information is fragmented and incomplete. He also takes her to Doctor Stephen Franklin and they perform a series of tests on her: DNA test, DNA Planetary Signature test, PPP Test, PPE Test and Mutant test. they took a sample of DNA to check if she is a clone of Violet.


Kylee Hanaran

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