Lilith Ami'rah



Lilith Ami’rah
Race: Kroaths (Graakan)
Sex/Born: Female/2073
Origin: Kroath Prime
Current: Skarrab – Kroath Prime
Alliances: Kroath Planets
Advancement: Fast/Strong/Charismatic
Empress Lilith Ami’rah, unlike most rulers in kroath history, Empress Ami’rah was elected by committee to replace the old government body. The policies of the new government had been completely redesigned. It relinquished much of its authority, ceding power back to its individual. Empress Lilith Ami’rah has ruled with dignity for nine years and she is finally seeing the fruits of her labor and pain. The economy is on the upswing and for the first time in a long time, peace reigns.


Lilith Ami'rah

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