Mark Travis



Mark “Spacehawk” Travis
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2085
Origin: New Luna
Current: Deceased (2127.03)
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Fast:3/Dogfighter:2
Mark Travis is a wash out shuttle pilot that calls himself “the Spacehawk”. He once had his own ship and crew but he lost it in a crash some five years ago. He has worked as a cargo shuttle pilot for some years in the private sector. He’s a bold pilot., a chain smoker and has bad luck with women. Recently, pooling wealth with an old colleague, Mark brought an old fast freighter who they named Purple Dawn.

2127.03 – The Purple Dawn is hired by Orto Purell de la Torre to travel to planet Zhadum with an extra passenger named Violet. Nomar Merico stays in the last port and Orto Purell de la Torre serves as pilot. Once in Z’ ha’ dum the ship is destroyed by an agent of the void. Both Morito and Ponzhia Daughter of V’arentlass survives escaping from the explotion on the GCS Penelope Dlal Ztletsh, Cheapa and Mark Travis die.


Mark Travis

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