Michael Apollo

Breeding General


Michael Apollo
real name General of Preservation Apllo
Race: Elohims
Sex/Born: Male/Unknown
Origin: Elementia
Current: Deceased (2127.02)
Alliances: Elohim Empire & The Void
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Elemental: 7 / Dedicated: 3
“I’m the last of my race… that can change.”
Michael Apollo is a misterious person with no past and no history. His first record was his arrival to Pipeworld.

2126.12- ElementiaKremak Obak and Jackeline Kira narrate to Orto Purell de la Torre what really happened on that mission with Harry Cyrano Mudd on planet Elementia were they discover the alcove with the last member of the Elohims race in suspended animation. " Mudd had heard about a ship that falls on the planet and find the ruins. He somehow finds someone that was there and gets the information about the position of the tomb before the guy dies of old age. He hires us to explore the tomb and retrieve any valuables. What we found was a sarcophagi shaped cryo-tube with the inscriptions of a winged humanoid covered in flames. When we were trying to retrieve it, we accidentally opened it and the man that later took the name Michael Apollo emerged as a body of fire. He could communicate telepathically and has this aura that could intimidate the strongest person. He learned how to use our computers and our technology in only a few days. He let us access to other chambers and lets us retrieve other valuables that we later sold on Pipeworld. He used Mudd‘s ship us to travel from Elementia to Pipeworld in less than 30 days. Most of the time he spoke only to Mudd, but I remember that he was reading a lot of information about the N’sss Colonies on the Galacnet. He also wanted to know about a planet he called L’Phyre. But no one of us knew about that planet. Like I told you he spoke more with Mudd and Mudd only. Now that I think of it, the old man was able to save our lives negotiating with that monster. He was able to trade his passage to Pipeworld for our lives and the treasures we sold. Nothing was technological except for the bomb and the belt… and the egg shaped metallic gestation device. The one he was going to use to get pregnant and have more Elohim babies. The bomb and the device were destroyed and the belt, well, we all know where it ended. "

2126.12 – Pipeworld The Chariot arrives to Pipeworld. It’s crew disbanded with enough wealth to live good lives. But the Chariot is confiscated by Commander (Sir) Rour Lotribom Tunner that wants to discover how it moved between Elementia and Pipeworld in a few days. The Commander starts a chase around the city looking for the crew of The Chariot but they escaped with the help of another merc ship the Starlost. (Investigation Finished)

2127.01 – Pipeworld – Michael Apollo arrives to Pipeworld as a passanger on the starship The Chariot. Harry Cyrano Mudd employs his contacts to find him a “fast way” of passing custom without ID.

2127.02 – Pipeworld – It was discovered by the crew of the GCS Penelope that Michael Apollo was an Elohims disguised as human. They destroyed him with a hoverbike that was carrying liquid hydrogen tanks. The last of the Elohims was trying to find suitable mates to have elohim children and he wanted to use the numerous nuclear plants of the planet to create a new hellish planet for his offsprings.

2128.06 – Doorworld – A statue with the face of Michael Apollo that Orto Purell de la Torre saw has an inscription that reads: " The Two Elohim Empire Leaders of the Future who will raise the Elohim Empire from their ashes. "

After the attacks of the enemies of the Elohim Empire were successful in destroying their breeding planets, General of Preservation Apllo was placed in charge of guarding the remaining Elohim Embryo Chambers. He had built Elohim LPhyre Embryo Vault, in what today is called Doorworld, a vault big enough to house all the devices. He also equipped the chamber with defenses. He ordered all of them moved to planet L’Phyre (Doorworld) but some remained on their home planet of Elementia. He travelled to Elementia to retrieve the last ones when the planet was attacked in the final assault by the N’sss Colonies, the Aleerin Empire and their allies combined forces. More than two thousand years later, the general was awaken when someone opened his cryogenic chamber to loot the tomb. He kidnapped the ship and crew of The Chariot and started looking for planets with high population and high probability of been converted to Elohim breeding planets. He choose Pipeworld because it was at the same distance to Doorworld and Inferno. He took his embryo chambers and moved there with a bomb to turn the planet in an inferno that could be used to breed a few thousand Elohims killing a few million Morians. In his way he tried to communicate with the secret Embryo Vault.


Michael Apollo

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