Misla Ivansys Adelei Niska



Misla Ivansys Adelei Niska
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2063
Origin: Templaria III
Current: Templaria III (33B8)
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Smart/Charismatic/???
Misla Ivansys Adelei Niska -Niska is an old man, grandfatherly in appearance, with an indeterminate Eastern European accent; he has an antique Tiffany lamp on his desk (which is worth a fortune if an authentic relic of Earth-That-Was). He believes in money and power and that fear is a perfect tool to achieve both. Very fixed on the concept of reputation and this fixation is a driving force behind how he runs his empire. He’s the CEO of Misla Corporation with an office on Misla Corporation Headquarters a starbase around Templaria III.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [11:15:35]
2123.11 – Templaria III – Criminal mastermind (suspected).
2123.11 – Templaria III – Criminal organization (suspected).
2123.11 – Thuldan Empire – Criminal Lord (suspected).
2123.11 – Ringunmor Star Consortium – Criminal Lord (suspected).

SLS: Pending: Investigation. Not enough data on file.

2127.01 – Templaria III (33B8)

2124.06 – Misla Ivansys Adelei Niska has adquired a mansion on Bellerophon.

2126.05 – Caution Advised as he’s surrounded by mercenaries and bodyguards.

2127.06.30 – Bellerophon – Retired Commander Frank Murphy helps organize a small metting fro the Templaria government between different bussinessmen of near-by planets to discuss the future of the new mines built on Templaria V-21 and Templaria V-12.


Misla Ivansys Adelei Niska

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