Monhah Niquidmsidt

Drug Dealer


Monhah Niquidmsidt
Race: (Onlies)
Sex/Born: Male/2091
Origin: Luture
Current: Luture
Alliances: Blood Axis
Advancement: Dedicated/Mastermind
Monhah Niquidmsidt is a dangerous criminal from planet Luture that has travel to different planets raising in the criminal world with each step. He uses subterfuge and fear as his tools to keep himself hidden from the public eye. His reputation is for been merciless and very difficult to find. Very few has seen him in person.

2127.08.29 – Monhah Niquidmsidt is the main drug distributer and smuggler on the Templaria System and other systems around him. In the crime world he is known as “The Big Boss” and now is working for the Blood Axis in planet Templaria III.

2127.08.29 – Templaria III – The crew of the GCS Icarus coordinate an operative to cripple three branches of the criminal organization known as the Blood Axis. Kovania is arrested wioth charges of smuggling, Andrew Bryniarski was identified as Crow The Enforcer and arrested under criminal charges and Monhah Niquidmsidt was identified as the elusive criminal mastermind Big Boss in charge of drug traffic on the Templaria System.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [10:11:25]
2106.05 – Luture – Smuggling of Illegal Drugs.
2108.11 – Carrousel – Smuggling of Illegal Drugs.
2110.02 – Luture – Smuggling of Illegal Drugs.
2112.03 – Kurg – Smuggling of Illegal Drugs.
2115.09 – Dune – Smuggling of Illegal Drugs.
2119.10 – Paradise – Smuggling of Illegal Drugs.
2122.01 – Paradise – Smuggling of Illegal Drugs.
2125.05 – Templaria III – Smuggling of Illegal Drugs.

SLS: Arrested.



2127.08 – A petition for a hearing has been made to Judge Lovotz from Ambassador Albuma Rosaura of planet Luture. She is initiating the standard extradition procedures for a criminal of the Onlies race. The criminal name is Monhah Niquidmsidt, arrested by the crew of the GCS Icarus when they were in the Blood Axis case. The Onlies want the criminal to suffer his sentence on planet Luture if he’s found guilty. Is a tradition on their culture.

2127.11 – GCS Templaria B – Judge Lovotz processes and sentence a group of criminals that are part of the organization Blood Axis. Andrew Bryniarski found guilty of assassination was sent to Crematoria, Kovania of smuggling was sent to New Pluto, Monhah Niquidmsidt of drug dealing was sent to Luture. At the same time Harry Cyrano Mudd was processed for smuggling and deported to Pipeworld.


Monhah Niquidmsidt

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