Nikola the Vile

Necromantic Medic


Nikola the Vile
[Player: Christopher]
Race: Humans (Tornians)
Sex/Born: Male/2095
Origin: Estormia 2
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Dynamite Gang
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Dedicated:3/Acolyte:5
Nikola the Vile is a young man born and living on planet Estornia 2. He wanted to join the Galactic Concord Fleet to be able to travel the stars in search of knowledge. Nikola the Vile was very interested in arcane knowledge and even took a few application exams to learn applied magic at the Merlin Institute on the Mana System. Nikola the Vile is cousin of a man named Spiker.

Nikola’s quest is to find the Necronomicom and boost his necromantic powers with it. He knows that the last person to use this magical tome was Ulearas Deltiatas.

2125.07.11 – A man named Death spoke softly to Nikola the Vile about the power of death. He appeared to him in a dream and pointed to a place in the library on planet Merlin. When Nikola wakes up he visits the library and finds a book about necromancy that he stoles and starts to learn.

2125.12.01 – Neleh Aipat wasn’t a member of the Church of the Necromongers nor was he converted to a Necromongers by force using the Necro Conversion Chamber, but Nikola The Vile remembers that Neleh Aipat visited Lady Death and was received by Akasha and Viktor. They have a special interest on him because of his master Ulearas Deltiatas.

2126.10.15: Nikola the Vile was found between the captured necromongers when the Church of the Necromongers organization was destroyed by forces of the Galactic Concord Military. It’s unclear if Nikola the Vile was forced by the necromonger conversion to become a killer or if he choose to be a member because he was also a worshiper of dead. During his time with the necromongers he learned from the leader Akasha that there was a lost book with a powerful necromantic incantation. Upon the de-conditioning process and after his psychological profile was marked as “borderline”, Nikola the Vile finished his training and became a medical officer assigned to the Galactic Frontier Command. When he was part of the Necromongers he was a Necromonger Officer in charge of the feeding chambers.

2127.05.30: Ensign Nikola the Vile was assigned as Field Doctor of the Ranger Class Scout, the GCS Icarus. The ship was assignment to Templaria B starbase as part of a new force to patrol and protect the frontier. He is raised to the rank of Leuitenant Junior Grade and is sixth months away from having the evaluation for the rank of Leiutenant.

2127.06.30: Some members of the crew of the GCS Icarus are involved in a bar fight on the Smoking Aces bar at GCS Templaria B. This include, Icarus Ranger, Mila Ultra 113, Ziz Eris, Irymer y Nikola the Vile. Junto a ellos estaban marines del 44th y Penelope Ranger del GCS Penelope. As no one was hurt they received a warning on their file and were returned to their respective commanding officers the next day just in time for their first metting with Commander Chennault.

2127.09.27 – Deadwood – Doctor Nikola TheVile is able to operate not one, but two victims of Grendelspawn infestation, saving both patients.

2127.11.01 – Near planet Moreau on coordinates 30B7 – Cath-Palug Monroe, Mila Ultra 113, Nikola the Vile, Ziz Eris, Alia Ravenhell, Irymer, Dianne Kubiac and Vrox Drox commit treason against the Galactic Concord when they engage in acts of mutiny and steal the ship they were crew off, the GCS Icarus. The transmission places them in a curse to Shadow Space to the pirate hideout Hole in the Rock. A Star Law criminal file is open to each one of them and an alert is issue for all ships in the sector to find and capture them.

2128.09.01 – Central PointNikola the Vile approaches Neleh Aipat in Central Point. after speaking about the Church of the Necromongers, Neleh remembers having meeting Nikola in the Lady Death starship. Neleh is very elusive when Nikola brings the topic of the Necronomicom, The Voice or any higher member of the organization. He is even intimidating Nikola to make him stop asking about those topics. He only confirms Lady Akasha’s dead.

2128.09.02 – Nikola The Vile recommends the Pale Crew to Ph’Asha as an specialized mercenary group that could do special jobs for the Malthar’s Crime Syndicate.

2128.09.03 – Central PointNikola The Vile starts visiting the Black Magic Woman to keep an eye on Neleh Aipat. He discovers after a few days that Neleh is hiding someone in his quarters. Also, he has been doing business with Garvala to buy from her something with a lot of secrecy in his actions. Is difficult to spy on him because his Wights have very good senses and are very good at hiding, so not many people are brave enough to try to get into their quarters.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [08:04:20]
2127.11.01 – Near planet Moreau on coordinates 30B7 – Mutiny. Stealing a Galactic Concord Military Starship. Assassination of María Vázquez. Kidnapping of GC officers Sheba and Aroisarit.

CRL: None.

Notes: None.


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Nikola the Vile

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