Nila Necron



Nila Necron
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Female/ 2108
Origin: Unknown
Current: Crematoria
Alliances: Church of the Necromongers
Nila and Lani(!) are known as the Necron Twins are two Necromonger nobles that have taken their way to the extreme. They have been charged with doing forced “conversions” to people captured and tortured. They have been branded as “extremists” by the leaders of the Church of the Necromongers.

2126.04.01 Interrogating the captured twin, Nila, gave mixed results. Because of the mental inestability of the subject, some information cannot be understand. “He is watching us. He doesn’t care that you stopped two, two of the three fronts are slow to catch shadow. There are other tools, he said, your another of my tools, he said, and he kissed me….”

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [08:05:12]
2125.07 – Thuldan Empire – Theft.
2125.10 – Ringunmor Star Consortium -Theft of technology components.
2125.12 – Sathar Hegemony – Theft of spying equipment.
2126.01 – Orion System – Theft of starbase plans.
2126.01 – Orion System – Trouble Maker.
2126.01 – Torture of engineering staff.
2126.02 – Cyberdome – Stealling of technology
2126.04.01 – Orion 5 – Theft (kidnaping) of a Artificial Intelligence Matrix (AIM) computer of the Galactic Rangers. Kidnap of a Galactic Ranger member (Penelope Ranger).
2126.04.01 – Orion 5 – Captured by GCS Penelope

SLS: In the custody of Star Law. New Pluto Prison Facility.


2127.06.28 – Crematoria – Nali Necron is transferred to prison planet Crematoria.


Nila Necron

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