Nilsla Doruank



Commander Nilsla Doruank
Race: Humans(Morians)
Sex/Born: Female/2110
Origin: Pipeworld
Current: Petra
Alliances: Church of Betazeth
Advancement: Strong:3/ Soldier: 7
Commander Nilsla Doruank is the appointed commander of the Warhammers Division on planet Petra and works directly with Baron Ming Caligari Austerince as head of planetary security. She is a sharp officer but also an easy trigger. She commands from Aeria Port and has anti-grav vehicles of PL7 to her disposal. She mostly controls riots and protect the area from pirates. They have no starships but control a Planetary Defense Grid.

He and Kaliva Brookerdat don’t look eye to eye.


Nilsla Doruank

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