Informaton Broker


Race: Artificials (Biodroid)
Sex/Born: Male/2030(estimated)
Origin: Unknown
Current: Rat Hole (40C5)
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Smart:3/Fixer:6
Now – An old robot, possible a pre- Galactic War data gathering robot model, works as an information broker for pirates and debris-collectors in the neutral area between the Galactic Concord and the Thuldan Empire. His headquarters is an independent base named Rat Hole build from an old refinery station and some out of use starships floating in the middle of a spaceship junker in sector 40C5. He monitors all space frequencies for distress signals, patrol routes and other messages that he sells to the locals. He has a sathar partner nicknamed “The Cooker” that also works as a bodyguard. “I can tell you what is happening right…. Now!”

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [10:09:16]
2123.05 – Galactic Concord – Hacking classified military channels.
2123.09 – Thuldan Empire – Hacking classified military channels.
2124.02 – Galactic Concord – Escaping Star Law officers.
2124.05 – Galactic Concord – Selling of classified information.
2124.10 – Thuldan Empire – Hacker.
2125.01 – Ringunmor Star Consortium – Hacker.

SLS: Pending: Capture.

2125.10 – Rat Hole (40C5)

Buying info from Now: The P_DC of the information to gain a free route to a planet is calculated as follows: 10 + (the number of days the planet is from the border x 2) + the number of days that the buyer wants to stay on the planet.



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