Orno Vush

Corp Officer


Orno Vush
Race: Humans (Morians)
Sex/Born: Male/2077
Origin: Pipeworld
Current: Ringunmor Star Consortium
Alliances: Ringunmor Trade Consortium
Advancement: Smart/Charismatic/Fixer/Swinler
Orno Vush -Orno is the main exponent and speakerperson for the Ringunmor Trade Consorsium. He has financial interests in almost all the mayor corporation on the Ringunmor Trade Consorsium and functions as the voice of the Ringunmor Trade Consortium in all mayor government events. He is known to travel frequently to the Galactic Concord to watch over “his business” but also to enjoy some free time in any vacation world. He enjoys gambling and bi-sexual partners. He han ambassador title provided by the Ringunmor Star Consortium government that give him partial diplomatic inmunity.

2126.04.18 Investigations by Cardassian Empire agents discovered that a secret meetting in planet Ferengar between the Grand Nagus and Orno Vush, and two small time smugglers with ties in the Bajorian Rebellion, Harry Cyrano Mudd and Benjamín Castro was made. Direct relation between this meetting and the smuggling of orion made laser rifles used in the Bajorian Rebellion is unknown.

2126.07.20AG – The crew of the GCS Penelope had to solve a dispute between three ships that were fighting for the rights to use planet Osiris resources. The colony ship New-World landed on the planet and founded a mixed cat folk-feine moreau colony of 3500. The scientific ship Reverprobe landed in another part of the continent to try to find a cure for the spore affecting the original five thousand human colonists. The trade ship RTC Vodeville was capture and charged of carrying Warhammer marines in Galactic Concord space.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [10:15:20]
2126.07 – Osiris – Tried to enter a quarentine planet.
2126.07 – Osiris – Carried Warhammer marines on a ship inside Galactic Concord Space.

SLS: All charges account for.

2126.07 – GCS Aleer B (27C6)

2122.01 – Bellerophon – Orno Vush buys a mansion on Bellerophon at the expenses of the Ringunmor Trade Consorsium.

2126.07 – Problematic, abuses of his partial diplomatic immunity.

2127.01 – Templaria III – It has been discover by Lt. Michael Garibaldi that Xentauyn organize an ilegal group of gamblers called The Highrollers on Templaria III. Gamblers of diverse reputations have played in that group like John Heart Masters and Orno Vush. Others like Donna Maitza Roulette the Queen of Denial herself has been trying to play in that table. Who are the current members of this misterious group, what is their agenda and were they play right now is unknown.

2127.06.30 – Bellerophon – Orno Vush tries to crash the meeting been conducted on Frank Murphy’s mansion were representatives of corporations were discussing about mineral rights and contracts but he is stopped by the crew of the GCS Penelope.


Orno Vush

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