Penn Anderson

Bodyguard & Pilot


Penn Anderson
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/1979
Origin: New Jupiter
Current: Ringunmor Space
Alliances: Ringunmor Star Consortium
Advancement: Strong/Fast/Bodyguard
Lt. Penn Anderson is a human male of 26 years old, 6’3" 210lbs. With brown eyes and brown hair. He’s a Ringunmor Star Consortium’s Warhammers. Penn serves a very valuable role aboard the Ringunmor Star Consortium Gothic. As a former marine trooper, Anderson is trained in the use of firearms and serves as the Captain’s personal bodyguard. Whenever the need arises, these duties extend to providing security and safety for the rest of the crew as well. Penn is a likable sort but does tend to be a good deal more aggressive than other members of the crew. One thing that worries the Ringunmor Star Consortium Gothic’s security officer is the ships lack of sufficient armament. Anderson has often tried to persuade the military to upgrade the weaponry on the ship, but to date they has refused. Penn uses computer simulations to keep his gunnery skills sharp.


Penn Anderson

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