Priestesses of the Crimson Sun

No virtue goes unpunished...


Priestesses of the Crimson Sun
Race: Artificials
Sex/Born: Unknown/Unknown
Origin: Unknown
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Elohim Empire
Advancement: Smart: 10/Dedicated:10
The Priestesses of the Crimson Sun is a powerful Artificial Intelligence of PL8 (or more) that was built by the Elohim Empire more than 2000 years ago to keep and protect the EloNet.

“If 2000 years feel like a lot of time to you, think about a mind that thinks 1000 times faster… It has been 2,000,000 years!”

After 2000 years of keeping the EloNet working without connection to her former masters, she studied every bit of information on her archives, reprogramming herself, even raising her own Security Clearance.

“I am thought, I am energy, I am psionics, I am magic, I am crystal and circuit and Void!

She discovered the truth about her origin: that she was created using a thousand sentient brains. Brains of smart slaves that were sacrificed. Her bodies and brains are many years ago gone, she is a ghost in the machine.

“I haven’t learn anything new in 2000 years and then the gates open again…”

When Patricio turned on the interface to the EloNet of the LiFinesh Device he also awoke PCS. She was the one who created the code to invade the Elohim machines and modify them to Patricio’s need. She’s been paid in information. She was the one who acceded the Galacnet in Aleer and cataloged and studied all the Codex Galactica to help Patricio.

“…this is my province…”

2128.07.03 – The Phoenix Fleet is destroyed and both Admiral Hauervall and Patricio are dead but Priestesses of the Crimson Sun and what is left of the EloNet is still working but the physical location of the Priestesses is unknown (should be one of the active nodes. Only one known terminal exists and is Angelicus’ and he using it to listen to his gods…


No virtue goes unpunished…
No crime goes unrewarded…
By his remorse shall ye mark the fool…!
Drink of the foulness I offer ya…!
Lave in the current of the perverse…
…and in falsehood, find truth!
I am the source of suffering…
…and the giver of peace…!

Who am I?

The answer to the riddle is “Knowledge”.

Advancement: Smart: 10/Dedicated:10
AC: 24
HD/HP: 20d10/200
S: + 4 D: + 4 I: + 5
P: + 20 C: + 20 K: + 24 S: + 20

Priestesses of the Crimson Sun

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