Robert Bootes



Robert Bootes
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/2095
Origin: Deadwood
Current: Deadwood
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Strong.Fast
Robert Bootes is the Sheriff of Oblivia on planet Deadwood and one of Abigail Patience seargents. He is a coward and is always been push around by her. He takes no big decision without consultng her. He has control of the only Galacnet terminal on Oblivia and surrounding ranchs and mines located at his office and he monitors all calls. The sheriff is surrounded by 5-10 “deputies” at all times and he can recruit o 30 more in one hour.

Deadwood had two sheriffs that are in no way directly associated to Star Law. They have no Galactic Concord Frontier training or military training of any kind. Nor do they have special equipment like plasma pistols or communicators. The Galactic Concord sends money to each governor (Virtuous Higgins and Abigail Patience) and they use this money as they see fit. After the destruction of Fort Hope the Galactic Concord hasn’t decided if they want to rebuild the military instalation or hire mercenaries to serve as a police force.

2127.07.03 – Deadwood – Sheriff Robert Bootes of Oblivion files a report in the Galactic Concord’s Star Law database about the destruction of Nandi’s Ranch and accuses Sheriff Rance Burgess of Higgin’s Fields under the assumption that he had energy weapons of the same type used in the attack. The investigation made by the crew of the GCS Penelope lead to the capture of the real culprits; the crew of the pirate ship Hook.


Robert Bootes

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