Rour Lotribom Tunner



Rour Lotribom Tunner
Race: Humans (Morians)
Sex/Born: Male/2079
Origin: Ringunmor Prime
Current: Pipeworld
Alliances: Ringunmor Star Consortium Military
Service Entry Date:
Advancement: Dedicated:3/Strong:3/Tough:3/Field Officer:3
Mayor Rour Lotribom Tunner – Is the commander of the Warhammers stationed on planet Pipeworld. He was stationed there to respond to Baron Urjo Kallarebra and was given the title of “Sir” by the Baron when he arrived 9 years ago and stopped his first riot.

But since then has grow tired of all the “riots games” and “crime waves” that his soldiers have to fight and has started a protection racket business with some criminal sectors of the planet. This started a series of events who placed Tunner in more than one position of advantage with the local criminal organizations. Advantages that he took to good use. Nowadays, Tunner is a very powerful man, with his eye in every snitch, traitor and criminal activity that he can place his hands on.

2126.12 – Pipeworld The Chariot arrives to Pipeworld. It’s crew disbanded with enough wealth to live good lives. But The Chariot is confiscated by confiscated by Commander (Sir) Rour Lotribom Tunner that wants to discover how it moved between Elementia and Pipeworld in a few days. The Commander starts a chase around the city looking for the crew of The Chariot but they escaped with the help of another merc ship the Starlost.

2126.12 – Pipeworld – [Orto Purell de la Torre] “El Comandante de los Warhammers de Pipeworld es Rour Lotribom Tunner. El Baron de Piperworld lo contrato para comandar los Warhammers. Es un hombre calculador. No se tira a lo loco al capturar un criminal. El lo acorala primero para luego apresarlo. Él lo estudia, le hace un buen archivo de su personalidad para capturarlo. Por que él no se conforma solamente con el “criminal”, el quiere desmantelar la organización completa. El significado de “criminal” para él, no es el mismo significado que le da el Galactic Concord.”


Rour Lotribom Tunner

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