Sandra Gillmore

Bar Owner


Sandra Gillmore
Race: Luciferians
Sex/Born: Female/2102
Origin: Inferno
Current: Cestus III
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Smart:2/Fast:2/Strong:1

“I know your poison, let me serve you a full glass…”

Sandra Gillmore and her adopted sister Vanessa were adopted by a man named Hill Gillmore(!) who died years ago leaving them a small fortune. Sandra convinced her sister to use the money to travel and they become adventurers. When the money was expended they started working as support crew for small starships as Vanessa learned to pilot and Sandra to maintain the ship.

2124.10.06 – Sandra Gillmore and her sister Vanessa open a bar on Cestus III. The name of the bar is Gillmore Girls.


Sandra Gillmore

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