Sergei Rachmaninoff Mihailoff



Sergei Rachmaninoff Mihailoff
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/ 2045
Origin: New Jupiter
Current: Templaria III
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Dedicated 3 / Field Medic 6
Male, 6’0", 176 lbs
Sergei Rachmaninoff Mihailoff is 82 standard years old, he grew up on New Jupiter and went to school to become a doctor and surgeon. He completed his schooling and enlisted in the Galactic Concord Military, where he served for twenty years. He retired at the age of 62 and set up a practice on planet Templaria III. It was easier for him to get his foot in the door due to his contacts and friends made while serving with the fleet. He is angry and often in a bad sort of temper. He long ago stopped fearing death, it could happen to him anytime, so why worry about it? He served in several battles and patched soldiers up with bullets and plasma kicking up the dirt around him. He has never been shot or suffered serious injury, he was regarded as a good luck charm by his unit. He currently serves aboard the Erstwhile as its Chief Medical Officer. He is a good friend of Captain Thadiun Okona.


Sergei Rachmaninoff Mihailoff

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