Shepherd Hogan

"I'm getting too old for this..."


Shepherd Hogan
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Male/1985
Origin: New Jupiter
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Tough:5/Strong:5
Shepherd “Hulk” Hogan was one of the most effective bounty hunters of the last decades but right now he is old and in the verge of retirement. He has suffered a few nervous breakdowns and has been taking drugs for his stress. He still has the fame of been the only Bounty Hunter to almost capture Captain Raymar on planet Materia on 2125.11. And he still has the training and equipment of a Killmercs.

Quote: " I am a 51 year old man who looks almost as good as some of these young guys just starting out! I will just keep hangin’ in there, to see how long this plays out. "


Shepherd Hogan

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