Race: Humans (Tornians)
Sex/Born: Male/2069
Origin: Estormia 2
Current: Unknown
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Strong/Fast/Soldier
Spiker is a retired soldier from planet Estormia 2who fought in the last war. He has been around the Galactic Concord looking for a missing granddaughter who he thinks was abducted by “ Fraals and robots”. Nobody believes him and he has been looking for her for the last 3 years. He has perfected the art of electrical projection as a weapon with his military training and is a powerful and dangerous enemy if confronted.

2127.07 [to Orto Purell de la Torre] I’m tracking my grandaughter at this moment and using your information I will move into the Thuldan Empire and try to find out what is happening on Corona 3. If your information is not a trap I will pay you with wathever information I can find about your sister.

2127.07: Following a series of messages with smuggler Orto Purell de la Torre, Spiker moves to the Thuldan Empire to investigate.

Orto Purell de la Torre tells Spiker the bad news that he believes his niece was Eve Alai, and that she was killed in The City of Lights.



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