Navigator & Scientist


(Player: Evinely Garcia)
Race: Vulcans
Sex/Born: Female/2075
Origin: Vulcan
Current: GCS Templaria B
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Advancement: Smart:3/Scientist:3/Telephat:2/Desert Crawler:2
Tazara is a cold heartless and calculating freelance vulcan tactician. She has worked with prospectors and explorers finding new mining sites and cataloging asteroids. Even when she is very good talking, she doesn’t trust company men and prefers that others do “the talking part”. Tazara has travelled for many years “learning the trade” but what she is doing is trying to find a place to belong and where to learn and grow. Been a science officer and navigator on a trading ship is not fulfilling enough for her. Tazara’s mother is named T’iev and was a member of the Military Caste, her father is named Vael and is a government official on planet Vulcan. She learned Telepathy and Mental Illusions, but also has the wild talent to use Telekinesis (Telekinetic Manipulation). Zatara is very fond of music and she has a collection of music files in her computer including hits by Zhanna Friske.

2092.01.15 – Vulcan – Tazara leaves her home planet to travel and learn about other languages and cultures. She has taken her basic psionic lessons and later improved on them. At that moment she has no aspiration to become a government official like her father or a lab scientist like her mother.

2126.11.18 – Templaria IIITazara is paid by Dr. Roger Prometheus to use her linguistic expertise to translate a series of text from the Elohim Empire. When she discovered that she was working with stolen relics she accused the doctor with the Templar Police Force. The doctor hid and was never arrested.

2127.01.30 – Tazara started working for Thadiun Okona on planet Templaria III on board of his ship the Erstwhile. On her time on the Erstwhile, Navigator Tazara had working relationships with their crew members. She also had to deal with other people like the COTA (Chief of Port Administration) Henry Paqmoc and the exotic and difficult Zepol Inefer. She gains enough experience and a recommendation to join the Galactic Concord Military.

2127.02.10 – Neutral Zone A merchant called Samuel Curtis helped the Erstwhile in one occasion when their computer broke and he traded with Thadiun Okona for a replacement. Captain Curtis was carrying in his ship a passenger with a criminal past called Henry Evans but Tazara never reported Curtis. Later that year, Captain Curtis sold her a White Psi-Crystal.

2127.07.28 – Templaria III – Because Tazara comes from an already specialized background she has taken all his training and entry level exams on the academy facilities on planet Templaria III.

2127.08.11 – Tazara meets Titus Shepard at GCS Templaria B when they are both taking their final practice test on both pilot training, and basic close combat training. They also took their officer grade exam in the same facility. They take the close combat training with Coronel Quaritch Rock 0901 and their pilot test with Commander Kara Thrace.

2128.05.17 – “Sumus in tenebris , lumen inferre , nos sunt delectos…”

2128.06.15 – GCS Templaria B – Tazara completes her training with honors and takes the additional command courses. She is commissioned as a scientist and assigned the rank of Lieutenant.

2128.08.20 – Lt. Tazara is assigned as assistant science officer, communicator officer and navigator of the GCS Penelope, she will be reporting to Commander Shuvers Aellyez a renown scientist and magician.

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