Race: Cat Folks
Sex/Born: Male/2071
Origin: Felinia
Current: Osiris
Alliances: Humbassa Clan
Clan Leader Tegromor had many problems with other cat folk tribes after he wandered around the galaxy and brought some cat-moreau friends. He neverless became leader of his people and has lead the strange mix thru bad and good times. He was once consort to a young car folk named Mirns of the Cait clan, and had six cat folk with him. The name of the older one that departed with Tegromor is Irmor.

2126.07.20AG – The crew of the GCS Penelope had to solve a dispute between three ships that were fighting for the rights to use planet Osiris resources. The colony ship New-World landed on the planet and founded a mixed cat folk-feline moreau colony of 3500. The scientific ship IFT Reveprobe landed in another part of the continent to try to find a cure for the spore affecting the original five thousand human colonists. The trade ship RTC Vodeville was capture and charged of carrying Warhammers marines in Galactic Concord space.



d20 Future: CODEX GALACTICA Galero