Ulearas Deltiatas



Ulearas Deltiatas
Race: Etirans (Elven)
Sex/Born: Male/2032
Origin: Mithrila
Current: Deceased (2100AG)
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Dedicated:3/Acolyte:7/Diabolist:5
Ulearas Deltiatas was an elven prince of the Silver Province on planet Mithrila and father of Lady Aellyez Silverthorn. His given name was Silverstar, but he changed it to Deltiatas when he started studying the forbidden black arts of necromancy. He was studying the works of Drazalur the Necromancer (!), founder of the Church of the Necromongers. Ulearas Deltiatas is rumored to be the last person to found and use the Necronomicom. Is rumored that Ulearas Deltiatas passed part of his knowledge to his apprentice, the now criminal Neleh Aipat from planet Orion 33-39.

2100AG: The Order of the Silver Light finished slaying all vampires. Ulearas hid some on the Mana System. Ulearas was known for his studies into the Animation of Dead tissue and the formulae to create an Animate Dead spell. This incantation was prohibited by the Etiran Council and all the records of it destroyed more than 100 years before.

2100AG: Ulearas Deltiatas the Necromancer was terminated by a knight of the Order of the Silver Light by the name of Doku. The Silver Knights confirmed that Ulearas Deltiatas had the Necronomicom when they had to battle a group of Wights that were under the necromancer’s control. There were also photos of the book on his computer and a room with preparations for an enhanced version of the Animate Dead spell. The book was nowhere to be found. The people who could had taken the book were narrowed down to Neleh Aipat and Viktor. The order has been unable to find the book since.

SLC: Necromancer.


Ulearas Deltiatas

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