Urjo Kallarebra



Urjo Kallarebra
Race: Humans (Morians)
Sex/Born: Male/2063
Origin: Pipeworld
Current: Pipeworld
Alliances: Ringunmor Star Consortium
Baron Urjo Kallarebra – Despotic leader of planet Pipeworld that is always keeping the worker unions at bay and the production high for the benefit of the Ringunmor Trade Consorsium. His power derived of the confidence that the Ringunmor Trade Consortium places on him keeping production high and expenses low. The Ringunmor Star Consortium assigned an army of Warhammers to the planet under the command of Mayor (Sir) Rour Lotribom Tunner and the Baron hired Sister Theresa Silvana Ramallo, a nun from the Church of Betazeth. Over the years his power has diminished in many ways mostly because of the trust he placed in these two individuals. Mayor Tunner is using his forced to do his own “protection racket” business on some of the criminal sectors of the city. Sister Ramallo is using her status and power to kidnap girls to test them for psionic powers and send them to her order ( Church of Betazeth). In top of all that The Malthar’s Crime Syndicate is taking a hold on the planet.


Urjo Kallarebra

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