Vella Ricco

Bar Owner


Vella Ricco
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Female/2097
Origin: Unknown
Current: Deadwood
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Dedicated
Vella Ricco is a strong willed woman that lives in the place called Shepherd’s Town, in Haven, a moon of Deadwood. She is in charge of the only bar at the small mining colony were people that don’t want trouble with Abigail Patience and/or Virtuous Higgins go to work. The mines are poor and the food is bad but they still live in peace and help everyone that comes around without asking were it comes from. Vella’s real name, the father of his son
Puppis or her planet of precedence are a mystery, but nobody cares on Shepherd’s Town.

Quote: “You’re either a person that doesn’t cause trouble or a person that’s leaving town.”


Vella Ricco

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