Vicky Rose

Con Artist


Vicky Rose
Race: Humans
Sex/Born: Female/2086
Origin: New Venus
Current: Alarin III
Alliances: Self
Advancement: Smart:3/Charismatic:3
Roselyn Victoria AKA Nilda Santos AKA Nilda Vicky AKA Vicky Norma AKA Vicky Rose is a dangerous conn artist and thief. Very resourceful in her line of work. She had a short romance with Alexander Troy.

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [09:15:19]
2123.03 – Galactic Concord – Theft.
2123.11 – Galactic Concord – Bribery.
2124.01 – Galactic Concord – Extortion.
2125.03 – Thuldan Empire – Thief.
2125.06 – Ringunmor Star Consortium – Thief.
2125.11 – Medurr Empire – War Criminal.
2126.02 – Sathar Hegemony – Thief.
2127.01 – Templaria III – False ID Virgil Garrett used to steal old archeological items.

SLS: Pending: Capture.

2126.06 – Roma Aeterna (24C1)

2124.10.12 – Vicky Rose has changed her line of work likes to steal arqueological artifacts. She has become a Tomb Raider.

2127.11.01 – Vicky Rose most recent exploits include the selling of some artifacts from the Elohim Empire which she claims come from untouched archeological sites.

2128.05 – Vicky Rose tells Orto Purell de la Torre what she knows about Doorworld: “The Fraals benefactors have brought peace, health and meaning to everyone’s life on the system. The humans have adopted the way of living of the fraals as a way to showing respect and how grateful they are. Art and entertainment are something that is not understood by the Fraals and seen as something impractical. So, things like that are ‘frown upon’ by the human administrators. There is no singing, laughter, crying or painting in the colony, no parties and no children playing outside. And not everyone is happy about this. Not everyone is happy with their ‘fraal benefactors’. Unknown to many, there is a human resistance movement on that system. They collect pieces of art and books and do parties in secret. The resistance has a vast collection of items that are hiding from the fraals. There are even items from the archeological sites on the system that once belong to the Elohim Empire. I just learned who to talk to and buy the items in the undergrown.”


Vicky Rose

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