Alternate Timeline Violet


Violet Troy (Alternate Timeline 2)
[Player: Erlinda Velez]
Race: Kroaths (Graaka) (see below)
Sex/Born: Female/2106
Origin: Kroath Prime (Skaarab)
Current: GCS Templaria B
Alliances: Killing
Advancement: Fast:3/Strong:3/Infiltrator:2/Solider:3/Martial Artist:2/Maniac(14)
Violet 2 comes from an alternate timeline Created by The Timeless, she is a copy of Violet. Her timeline up to that date 2128.06 is the same as the original one.

2128.06 – Central PointViolet gets trapped in a time anomaly involving a Weeping Angels and to fix the anomaly she finishes a series of events that causes that two Violets now exists in the current timeline. The second Violet knows everything that happened and the first doesn’t. Orto Purell de la Torre helps her the second Violet to escape.

2128.05 – With the help of the Dynamite Gang, Orto Purel de la Torre is able to stole the starship Flicker from Orno Vush on planet ReDlof Wen. They take the ship to Central Point were the old engine broke and Violet 2 emerged. The new Violet has seen all his friends and family die in the hand of the Weeping Angels and other creatures inside Central Point. She looks scare for the first time on her life and she doesn’t understand what happened.

2128.06 – Central PointOrto Purell leaves Central Point with Violet 2 to travel to the Templaria System were he places her in the care of her sister Rosa Purell so he can continue his investigation on planet Doorworld.

2128.08 – Templaria IIIViolet 2 has suffered a lot of nightmares. Rosa Purell tries to calm her using her Battle Mind techniques. Violet starts drawing a strange mathematical equation. The third day, Violet disappeared. Rosa was able to track her down to a tattoo parlor on Bad Loki were Violet got a tattoo with the formula on her back. She told Rosa “Never more” before escaping. Rosa took a photo of the formula and showed it to a mathematician who told her that “this formula needs at least a physics doctorate to decipher”.

2128.09.01 – GCS Templaria BGuinian Berg tells Orto Purell de la Torre that she saw Violet-2 less than two hours ago around Smoking Aces. Violet-2 was hiding from someone and following her. She was following Mila 216. She didn’t want to spoke to Guinian, and when Guinian tried to stop her, Violet-2 was cold and intimidating. Guinian grabbed her clothes and saw part of a tattoo on Violet-2’s shoulder. She told Guinian: “No one standing, no one alive, only me, only me.”

2128.09.15 – GCS Templaria BRosa Purell: “Violet 2 is different, she has changed. She is usually naive and detached, now she has an expression of resoluteness in her eyes instead. I was able to wake up earlier than what she expected. She came back to take a picture of me and I make her believe I was still unconscious. She had a bag and a phone and was dressed differently. She had a shirt with blood. She used that phone to make some calls. She was using the other phone to track the second Mila and I believe she was talking about going back to a warehouse and speak to the M’s. I don’t know what the M’s are, but Violet 2 knew. She took the bag to hid it someplace, I don’t know were.”

Violet 2 has kept herself busy. It appears that the three Milas attacked Judge Lovotz and the crew of the GCS Penelope a while back and there was a warrant for their arrest. It was all related to some Cat Folks but I don’t know the specifics of the case. What I do know is that they don’t know who killed Mila 216 yet. Also, their investigation of that crime is only one investigation they are doing. The Galactic Concord Military are looking for you like a needle in a haystack. The Milas must have another set of cloned bodies somewhere near because they are desperate to get the backup computer. Violet 2 is changing clothes and keeping herself out of the way of the soldiers. She knows the station and is tracking the Milas like a wolf. They found the body of Mila 679, it looks like she was killed two minutes after you ran away from her. Now, there is another thing, Mila 679 was able to make some calls before dying and I believe that she called Mila 878 and told her everything she knew. The soldier that I spoke to, was one of the soldiers that found the body and he told me that her telephone had a few messages including a number that looked like a frequency or tag number for a tracking device. Maybe Mila 679 was able to tag Violet 2… or someone else.”

2128.07.02 – Violet 2 has been around Orto Purell de la Torre and the team ensemble to track and stop Patricio. She has been swapping places with Violet. She found the information she needs, a strange pharmaceutical formula.

2128.07.02 – Violet 2 Tells her counterpart and Doctor Mar’IigniaS’irthiz about were she comes from and how the events described on [[The Timeless 2128.06]] happened to her in an alternate time bubble created by another of the Weeping Angels. She tells them that the formula she gave Zyx’Pon’Fed’khan was develop by himself, Shuvers Aellyez, Penelope Ranger, Irymer and Kran’Kiz’kosh in a period of 70 or more years they lived and died there. She tells them how she lost her innocence when noticing that her lack of memories gave her a disadvantage… a disability and how she did her best to find and antidote.
But now that she has used the antidote and recovered her lost memories she told them a secret: " Emperor Paltine Corino is a tyrant and a genocidal maniac but he didn’t erase my memory to control me… he did that because he was afraid of me. Now there can be two of us… "

Violet 2 has the template Maniac added to her character profile.

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