Vrom Silverleave



Vrom Silverleave
Race: Etirans (Elf)
Sex/Born: Male/1783
Origin: Mithrila
Current: Deceased (2126.12.15)
Alliances: Galactic Concord
Advancement: Smart:5/Mage:10
Vrom Silverleave -Considered by many the most powerful mage outside the Mana System, this representative of the Order of Magic and traveler adventurer has been all around the galaxy looking for archeological devices of long forgotten races for the past 90 years. His ship is the flying vessel Alfhein’s Bird. He is brother to Lucius Silverleaf and uncle to Shuvers Aellyez. “His magic and intelligence is only surpass by his desire for knowledge.” Vrom is possibly the most powerful elven mage on the Mana System.
Vrom helped organize the Mana System with a central government and allied the magical races (etirans) to the Galactic Concord who he was always in favor off. In his young he was rebellious against “the stiffy ways of the elven rulina class” like he himself mentioned in his writtings. He was very found of his nephew Shuverz.

“Fair be our meeting, for our hearts are light and our swords sheathed, we hold peace in our hands and its light guides us. If you are listening to this message, I’m no longer in this realm. My old enemy Eye-To-Eye has found a way to get rid of me from finishing my quest. But not all is lost. I have left the Silver Bow of the Stormy Moon with a surprise for that malevolent foe. I have also left the coordinates of the destination of my coffin scribed on this message. Space Coordinates 40C8, Northern hemisphere, mayor continent, inside the biggest volcano under the crystal mountain range. A star shall shine on the hour of our reunion, until we see ourselves again, in light.” – Vrom Silverleave.

2116.03 – Galactic Concord – Assassination attempt by Kyton stopped by Vrom Silverleave.

2126.12.15 – One of the founders of the Galactic Concord and the Mana System centralized government, Vrom Silverleave, dies when he’s killed by her fiancé Isandra Woodscepter with the help of Vrom’s enemy, the Beholder Pirate Eye-To-Eye. The crew of the GCS Penelope discover the complot and wound the beholder with Vrom’s magic bow. Following his last request and testament, Vrom’s body is burried on planet Zhadum and his magic bow (The Silver Bow of the Frost Moon) passes to how nephew Shuverz Silverseed.

“A green and golden casket, designed by the same Vrom was used in the farewell ceremony. The casket with his body was deliver by his nephew ”/characters/shuvers-aellyez" class=“wiki-content-link”>Shuverz Silverseed to his final rest place, planet Zhadum. It was discovered that the secret quest the great mage was doing for the last 30 years was to find the legendary planet of the Ancients." – Newscast.

2127.03.17 – Vrom Silverleave’s message arrives to his nephew Shuvers Aellyez: “May your ways be green and golden, my nephew. I have to tell you that the secret I was seeking, is buried, using your hands, your sweat, and your sorrow. No more words can exit my mouth, for fear of intruding ears, but I can tell you this: I’ll be happy when you look at me again.”


Vrom Silverleave

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