Black Vault

Black Vault
The Dark Vaults or the Black Vault- The Liandren Merchants have a secret and very secure vault that they rent to individuals or groups of criminal background to store secret or valuable goods. The place is not a single place and only high ranking Liadrens know where is located but many believe that there are some of them on Central Point. The rumors are that the vaults are undetectable and have locks with a DC of 40.

Individual or Group Reputation of + 4 or more.
Individual or Group Wealth of + 28
5 points contact = Liandren Vault

The individual that owns the contents of the vault will be given a special token (in the form of a ring, medal, medallion, earing or other small piece of jewelry) made of an unknown material. The location of the vault is only known to the Liandrens on charge on the port were the vault is located, but the token (referred as Black Vault Key) is needed to open the vault.

The Liandren Merchants include a special section on their Black Vault’s contract agreement with the criminals. The number on the Black Key is also a code that can be transmitted to any Liandren Starship the criminal encounter. The code will verify the criminal business relation with the Liandren and avoid any unnecessary encounters between them. In fewer worlds, a criminal that has a Black Vault should never attack a Liandren starship or he will lose the contents of his vault.

Black Vault

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