Hubassa Clan

Hubassa Clan
Hubassa Clan is one of the clans of Cat Folks from planet Felinia.

2120 – A young Mirns of the Cait becomes the consort of a member of Humbasa clan, Tegromor, and had six cat folk with him. The name of the older one that departed with Tegromor is Irmor.

2126.07.20 – The felinian colony ship New-World landed on the planet Osiris and founded a mixed cat folk-feine moreau colony of 3500. The current leader of the Hubassa Clan was the leader of that movement and married a feline moreau much to the disdain of other Cat Folks. His name is Tegromor father of Irmor.

2126.10.30 – The Church of the Necromongers attack planet Felinia and start a systematic destruction of all the cities forcing their “conversion” on the survival Cat Folks. The process is stopped by the Galactic Concord. Irmor takes the reigns of his clan.

2127.05 – Prince Irmor is forced to resign as leader of the Hubassa Clan.

2127.06 – Prince Bluma’ar moved the complete Hubassa Clan from planet Felinia to Central Point H – 3 and is running an illegal gambling and pleasure palace were he exploits his subjects.

2128.06.29 – Central Point – The Starlost‘s crew does some business with the Shinguz Clan on Central Point but also steal a collar from Prince Bluma’ar causing a series of events that end with Bluma’ar killing Irmor and Mirns killing Bluma’ar.

2128.07.07 – Central Point – The new leader of the Hubassa Clan, Nyems(!) uses the money of Bluma’ar and organics his clan with more freedom and care. He is a wisest leader and thanks Mirns for helping them and all the Cat Folks.

Hubassa Clan

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