System Name: None Blood Nebula
_Colonized Planets: 0
Class A Planet Asteroid
Dominant Race: Many
_Other Races: Many
_Progress Level: PL6+
_Government Index: Anarchy
_Economy Index/Education Level: 25%/25%
_Military Index: None (Different groups of mercenaries and armed pirate ships).
_Population Index: Heavy(70%/80%)
_Develop Index: Trade World, Mining World
Located inside the Blood Nebula, the Knowhere is port of call, mine and observatory for intergalactic travelers of all species, located inside the decapitated head of one of The Celestials that is called Host. this port acts as a mine, makeshift port of call and observatory of the end of the Galaxy for intergalactic travelers of all species. The station is administered by its chief of security, Sheriff Cosmo, a telepathic and telekenetic Soviet space dog originally lost in Earth orbit in the 1960s.

Knowhere maintains mining facilities, a main hall, a marketplace and other amenities including the bars, Starlin’s and Boot of Jemiah. The deceased Celestial’s Continuum Cortex, located within the brain-stem, from where sensors can also detect subtle disruptions in space-time occurring outside the nebulae into the greater Universe. Strangepath Observatory is trying to study the Celestial. The dangerous Encephaworm is native of Knowhere.

The oddities museum, The Collector Museum, is also located on Knowhere.

The origins of Knowhere are uncertain. It is unknown how the severed head of a Celestial would have appeared at that location, and what kind of forces could conceivably decapitate the God-like alien or where the rest of the Celestial is. Abnett (!) and Lanning (!) have said that the origin is “A mystery that will have to wait for now, but it’s a biggie!” What is known is that Knowhere drifts inexorably closer to the end of space-time and will, at some point, cease to exist. It is possible that the Celestial was one of the many destroyed in some last Celestial War.

Members of different criminal organizations like the Piracy Ring and the Hole in the Rock Gang visit the place but they are careful with their starships as only a limited number of ultralight starships can enter the station at a time and docking stations outside the head are limited. Sathar Hegemony agents and Medurr Empire mercenaries can be found here as do runaway slaves from both empires. People who come to Knowhere trying to become rich find themselves working the mines the rest of their life.


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