A macrovirus is a construct to describe a virus that is larger than usual, e.g. beyond the need of a microscope for the human eye to see it. As with microviruses, they need other creatures to survive through a parasitic or carnivorous relationship.

Examples include:

Intellant virus – In the first stage it can only affect one person at a time, unless it lays its spores, which it does if it’s in the same host for about an hour.

Macrocosm – Had a lifecycle of starting as a virus creating bubonic plague-like boils on the skin, to a series of fly-like creatures which escaped from the boils, to a large-to-medium sized flying clawed creature with large circular serrated mouth and infecting proboscis. Victims hover near death from the effects of the virus with weak vital signs but the fly forms of the virus/parasite remain dormant in their bodies until another creature comes nearby.

The Flood – Reproduce virally, and also create zombie-like hosts.

The Khaara – Though predominantly an airborne virus, is able to manifest itself into various forms and structures.

The Ripley – Alien parasitoid macrovirus.


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