Adapted Ones

Adapted Ones
Basic Stock: Varies
Planet(s): Varies
Progress Level: PL7 or less
Personality: Could be the same or a different one as the original stock .
Language: Could be the same or a different one as the original stock .

Creating: This is a race that has adapted to planetary conditions. Use the Planetary Packages on the Future Player Companion: Tomorrow’s Foundation (page.10) or the Feat Planetary Adaptation listed in d20 Future. I have created new “races” using this combinations that are listed her as:

Acuans, Andorians, Bajorian, Cardassians, Demians, Dulxars, Klingons, Letans, Materians, Maulians, Posians, Ravers, Tornians, Vortas and Vulcans. All this races where created combining an existing race and one of these feats or packages.

Humans or other races that have adapted to a planetary condition due to centuries of exposition to extreme environment. They could also have changed or adapted culturally and in some physical features in that environment. If they where original humans they are also known as Neo Humans.

Planetary Adaptation (Feat) (FUTp.13)
Barren World, Cold World, Dark World, High-G World, Hot World, Low-G World, Water World

Planetary Drawback (User)
Enviromental Packages (FPC: TFp.10)
Desert Crawler, Eclipse Chaser, Greenhouse Dweller, Soultech, Submortals and Tectonic Shambler.
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Adapted Ones

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