System Name: Vax Aleer System
_Colonized Planets: 4
Star K Type
Class L Planet
_Land Mass: 89%/75%
_Gravity: Normal
_Atmosphere: Thin
Dominant Race: Aleeriens
_Other Races: Present
_Progress Level: PL8
_Government Index: Democracy
_Economy Index/Education Level: 50%/100%
_Military Index: Intersystem Force
_Population Index: Heavy: 20%/100%
_Develop Index: Industrial World
Aleer is an industrious high tech world has the scar of many wars and between its sprawling cities stretch vast regions of utter devastation that server as vivid reminders of the aleerins’ violent past. The planet changed from a Class M Planet to a Class L Planet due to effect of wars, contamination and ecological disasters. The capital of the planet is a mayor spaceport called Techa. Their culture is stoic and their daily life handle in orderly and emotionless fashion. Almost every aspect of Aleerin life has been complemented, fixed and enhanced using cybernetics. Aleerin children get their first implants at an early age. They are a logical race, deciding their actions on complex calculations rather than on personal opinions or emotion. They are largely a neutral people, apparently unwilling to participate in the conflicts that they view as beneath them, but take action when their calculations show that their intervention is necessary. Their civil rights and social interactions and customs are inclined toward logic. They are mayor importers of foodstuffs and mayor exporters of industrial processed goods specially cybernetics and electronics. They accept any kind of technology and cyborgs, are tolerant toward magic and psionics but really dislike the Cult of the Cykotek. Aleerians developed the Galacnet as a way of pulling resources from all aleer people around their system. The Galacnet as expanded to include all planets on the Galactic Concord. Many aleerians have GalacNet Direct Access Neural Implants ( DANI ) that allow them to enter the Galacnet without a Galacnet Terminal. Other have radio transceivers implanted in their heads that allow them a partial immersion to the GalacNet virtual world and speak to people outside in the real world at the same time. Four planets have been colonized by the aleerins in their system including Aleer A (their capital), Aleer B, Aleer C and Aleer D. This planet is part of the Core Planets of the Galactic Concord.

Places of Interest:
NOTE: The complete surface of Aleer is divided in a grid that is compose of sectors connected between them using the grid. The capital city on Aleer A, Techa is also named Grid 0 or Capitol 0.

  • Sector 1.0.1 – Capitol Sector. Government and Administrative Sector. The Mechalus Police Station headquarters of the efficient Mechalus Police Officer is located here.
  • Sector 1.1.9 – GalacNet Sector. The Galacnet Central Host for the Galacnet is located on this sector.
  • Sector 1.4.8 – Industrial sector home of the Cybertronics Corporation.
  • Sector 1.4.9 – Industrial sector 1049 Chemical processing
  • Sector 2.1.9 – Under Construction. This sector was a museum and monument sector that was the place of an accident a few months back on 2126.02 and is still under construction. Immigrants work in the lower (underground) levels of the site.
  • Sector 3.1.7 – Aleer Minor Space Port 1.021.
  • Sector 3.4.9 – Corporation sector with facilities belonging to corporations such as: Galactic Central Bank, Galactech, Singularity Cybersystems and Nova Tech.
  • Sector 3.5.6 – Corporation sector with facilities beloging to Blue Sun Corporation and The Sol Systems Motor Alliance.
  • Sector 4.7.2 – Residential Sector. Jul’lusk and Lovotz used to live here.
  • Sector 5.2.1 – Aleer Minor Space Port 1.031.
  • Sector 9.5.7 – One of the main sectors that is home to non-aleerians.
  • Sector 1.5.7 – Energy Production Sector for main grid 1 and secondary grid 7.
  • Sector 2.4.8 – Aleer Major Space Port is located on this Sector.
  • Sector 4.9.6 – Industrial Sector. The Institute of Cybernetic Health, the Apock Museum and the Aleerin Empire Museum are located here.
  • Sector 7.6.3 – Biosphere project 0001 under the supervision of the Agroprodex Corporation.
  • Sector 9.7.1 – Abandoned sector due to radiation leak of nuclear plant. Quarantine.
  • Sector 9.9.9 – Aleer Old Capital Wasted land.

2128.06.23 – Aleer – For the first time in almost 1500 years the planet is turned into a chaotic mess when a plague of Jinxs is released by Elohim Astronomical Computer under the control of Patricio.


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