Altered Ones

Altered Ones
Basic Stock: Varies
Planet(s): CorpWorld, Huxley 6
Progress Level: PL7
Ref: MOD, FUTp.46

    Physical Description: Their description is the same as the original race with physical changes that represent their augmentations. Also, all altered ones have their navel in their neck.
    Personality: They have the same personality as the original race or the personality inbued in them.
    Language: They have the same language as the original race.
    Creating: This race has modified themselves using genetic engineering. Franks and Moreaus are examples of Altered ones. See individual descriptions.

Altered – Humans or other races that are the results of experimentation or altered using genetic engineering. Clones, Franks, Moreaus and individuals that have been subjected to gene therapy are considered altered. Also known as Replicants, In-Vitro or Tank.

General Types of Franks (no Level Adjustment):
Brute, Deadeye, Egg, Honeytrap, Preatorian and Stalker (FUTp.46)
Doll: Dolls are designed to be the perfect escort for a romantic evening or to be sold as prostitutes. They have + 2 bonus to Charisma and a – 2 Penalty to Intelligence. (USER)

Gene therapy templates:
Aquan, Healer, Morphean and Nocturnal (FUTp.89)
Advanced Human, Vanguard, Paragon (FPC:THp.14)

Creating: Franks are named as his original race stock with the world altered between parenthesis and also the model of the modification included in the racial name. For example a cloned T’sa from the Praetorian model will be a T’sa (Altered) Praetorian. Only franks (also known as altered ones) and individuals that have undergo some kind of genetic therapy can have levels in the Helix Warrior and Dreadnought advanced classes and any class for genetic engineering. Altered Humans can be easily recognized because their navel is in the back of their necks instead of the belly.

Franks (Short for Frankenstein’s Monster), Tank, Tubes, InVitros.
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Altered Ones

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