Basic Stock: Robots: Biodroids & Bioreplicas
Planet(s): Cyberdome
Progress Level: PL7
Ref: FUTp.174, TECp.82
Physical Description: Coming in many sizes and shapes the robots could be built with differente degrees of intelligent.
Personality: Varies, could be a programmed on or a personality developed by artificial intelligence.
Language: They have their own language and alphabet, called robot but are usually programed to speak the language of the planet they are going to work to.
Creating: See section on Robots on the Races addendum.
Robot – Robots have become so common by this era that they appear in nearly every sector of daily life. Robots teach schoolchildren, maintain hazardous equipment, and fight wars. Miniature electroflex technology—artificial muscles—arrives, paving the way for the first lifelike androids. Bioreplica robots are in limited use, however; they raise so many legal questions that most manufacturers stick to the more easily identifiable non-replica androids. The legal ramifications do not extend to animal bioreplicas, however, and “synthetic pets” are both common and popular. Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) can be built into some robot models depending on their progress level (P.L.).

BY Progress Level:
Automata (PL5) = Robots without any A.I. that are programmed with simple functions usually reffered as “Drones” (Gun Drone, Sentry Drone) or “Bots” (Driver Bot, Cooking Bot).
Mechanoid (PL 6) = Advanced Drones and Bots that can posses A.I. (i.e.: R2D2 from Star Wars, WALLIE, Johnny Five).
Biodroids (PL 6) = Robots with basic human shape but easily recognized as robots for their partial or complete metallic or plastic body. Also known as Androids. (i.e.: C3P0 from Star Wars).
Bioreplicas (PL 7) = This are known as Synthetics because their components are designed to be more like living creatures. (i.e.: Data from Star Trek).
Animorph (PL 7) = A version of the bioreplica that emulates animals, also known as Synth-animal.

This section presents two types of anthropomorphic robots that can be played as heroes: the biodroid (more commonly referred to as an “android”) and the bioreplica (also known as a “synthetic”). Although neither is truly sentient, their artificial intelligence allows them to make independent decisions and learn through experience. Biodroids are present in societies with technology of Progress Level 6 or higher, while bioreplicas are products of Progress Level 7 ingenuity. A biodroid or bioreplica hero begins play as a 1st-level Strong, Fast, Tough, Smart, Dedicated, or Charismatic hero. Whereas other robots may only advance as Ordinary characters, biodroid and bioreplica heroes gain levels just as human characters do. They may even choose to take levels in advanced classes for which they’re eligible. There are advantages and drawbacks to playing a biodroid or bioreplica hero; these are discussed in-depth below.
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