Blood Axis

Blood Axis

Motto: “Your reputation is your life.”

Objectives: Underground control of the frontier.

General Organization:
This organization runs around a group of criminals known as the Bosses, that the authorities has been unable to find all their identities. The organization works hiring people using third party contacts and connections. Criminals looking for jobs can contact the organization but they need to wait until the organization contacts them back. If the criminal or criminal group has a reputation higher than + 5, he has more chances of been contacted or to be able to contact them.

The Leader:
The organization’s criminal kingpin has a reputation for violent reprisals, including severe, prolonged torture, against those who fail him or even irritate him. This unidentified leader is the most dangerous man in the Frontier and Shadow sector around Templaria System. He’s a restless criminal boss with a reputation for torturing just for keeping his reputation as a “bad” man. He or she has never been identified. Proof of his crimes have never been found and he has never been convicted. He is the leader of a criminal syndicate that deals in murder, extortion, robbery, drug dealing, and who knows what else. He’s a psychotic crime boss with a passion for torture and sadism and a heavy accent.

Known Branches and Suspected/Known Members:
A man named Barty Banks has been suspected to be a general contact of this organization (and others) but he is not to be trusted.

_Assassination- Assassins are hired by the Blood Axis to terminate those who fail in their missions, but the organization also serves as an assassin-for-hire company for those who need someone eliminated. Assassins like Aeon Flux, Cavernous, Dabbla Lang, and Eclesiastica have worked for the Blood Axis. Who is the person who contacts them is unknown, he is referred as “Links”.
_Extortion- It is known that the Blood Axis has an extortion racket in the biggest economy areas of Templaria III: transportation, warehousing and recreation. The leader of this branch is unknown.
_Illegal Drugs- Bioamp, Boost, Death Sticks, Daybreaker, Vortex and Melangue (the last one is a market fought against the Melange Smuggling Ring) are some of the illegal drugs smuggled, distributed, and sold by this branch of the Blood Axis. The leader is only known as “The Big Boss” and is a very reclusive. (He was later identified as Monhah Niquidmsidt.) Some of the identified drug dealers are: Everon Pika and David Fralick.
_Illegal Weapons- The Blood Axis buys weapons of PL5 from Shadow Planets and sells them to pirates and criminals in and outside the Galactic Concord Frontier. They also buy or steal PL6 weapons that are discarded by planets inside the G.C. and sell them to pirates and Shadow Planets. The leader of this branch was Kovania, who used her contacts with pirates and bad reputation captains to move the weapons.
_Mercenaries- A branch of the Blood Axis specializes in hiring mercenaries, been these crews for smuggling or “security/military” personnel to guard the merchandise. These mercs has been used to attack Templar Police Force‘s Officers and even Star Law Officers. It’s rumored that the leader of this branch is Andrew Bryniarski alias “Crow”. Groups of mercenary like Judoon and The Rhino Troop, the Bad Hunters, the Twilight Gang and the Abatal Gang have been associated to this branch. New groups have been recently hired: The Ruthless, The Pretenders and True Believers.
_Robbery- Mercs are sometimes hired to perform robberies for the Blood Axis. With all the petty crime been committed every day on Templaria III is unknown how mucho of it is coordinated by the Blood Axis.
_ Smuggling – The Blood Axis is trying to control all smuggling in the Templaria System but this crimes are more under the control of one of the organization’s competitors, the Piracy Ring.

Advantages: Unknown

Prerequisites: Unknown

Star Law Classification:
SLC: [21:25:45]
Blood Axis Timeline
SL.Status: Pending: Capture.

2120.06 – Templaria III – Suspected origins on Capital City.
2126.06 – Templaria III – Expanded to the whole planet.
2126.12 – Expanded to the rest of the Templaria System
2127.03 – Deadwood
2127.12 – Persephone

Source: TV Series: Firefly. Other sources.

Blood Axis

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