- A very old independent cargo ship worked as a smuggler ship for many years.

Type: Light Size (Colossal)
Subtype: Frigate
Tactical Speed: 3,000 ft. (6 sq.)
Hit Dice: 60d20 (1,200 hp)
Weight: 4,800 tons
Cargo Capacity: 1000 tons
Sensors: Class II sensor array, targeting system
Weapons: 2 fire-linked heavy neutron guns (range incr. 6,000 ft.), 2 fire-linked nuclear missile launchers (8 missiles each), 1 needle driver (range incr. 4,000 ft.)
Crew: 60
Pass: 20
A.I.M. : No
Weapons: Minimal

Crew Manifest:
Steven Moffat(!)

Rumors about the Flicker and Captain Steven Moffat:

This ship flight history was from the GYs 1702-1745. On his prime time it was told that the ship was able to “Blink” out of sensor scans to escape the military. It did make repeating appearances in different planets during the beginning of the Third Galactic War even smuggling Elohim Empire artifacts like the statues called “The Time of Angels” (Elohims do look like fire angels) that are now in the New Terra Museum. It was once encapsulated in a gigantic “Flesh and Stone” spell by the powerful magician Vrom Silverleave who later become a friend of the captain. It is also rumored that the Flicker carried a cargo of artifacts from one of the original ships used in the Human exodus from planet Earth. The ship was named “Manhattan”. Oddly enough the starship was mentioned in the essay about The Ancients by historian Vedo called “The God Complex”.

2128.05 – The Flicker is found on a junkyard on planet Yunkworld, acquired and repaired by Orno Vush to be sold as a “piece of history”. It is now waiting for a good offer on a platform on planet ReDlof Wen.

2128.05 – With the help of the Dynamite Gang, Orto Purel de la Torre is able to stole the starship Flicker from Orno Vush on planet ReDlof Wen. They take the ship to Central Point were the old engine broke and Violet 2 emerged.

The Flicker : Information found on the starship’s database and analysis of the engine led Orto Purel de la Torre was enough to discover that more than 400 years ago Steven Moffat(!) or someone else discovered an Elohim Empire experimental engine and adapted it to their ship. The engine had one of the Weeping Angels inside. Other information discovered was more strange: It looks like the Elohims had specific planets were they can multiply, active volcanic planets with a very high surface temperature. The second was that they had left data crystals with important information on those planets. The third, that the Elohim’s lost the war because they were trying to exterminate the N’sss.


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