Galactic Concord Military

Galactic Concord Military

Galactic Concord Military
_Galactic Concord Intelligence Branch – In charge of Tactical Intelligence
_Galactic Concord Fleet Branch – In charge of the starships that compose the fleet.
_Galactic Concord Marine Branch – The few, the proud, the marines!!
_Galactic Concord Frontier Branch – In charge of the Frontier.

The effort of all the planets have giving birth to the Military Branch of the Galactic Concord that is organized in three branches. The Space Fleet in charge of all combat and exploration starships where characters can train to be Dog Fighter (FUTp.17), Engineer (FUTp.20), Field Officer (FUTp.25) or Space Monkey (FUTp.28) and other advanced classes. The Space Army where the characters can train to be Bug Hunter (FUTp.38), Soldier (MODp.), Field Officer (FUTp.25) and Mecha Jockey (FUTp.172) and other advances classes. And the Space Frontier where the characters can be Explorer (FUTp.23) and Star Law Officer (FUTp.54) and keep the peace in the frontier worlds.

The Galactic Concord space is known for it’s freedom of choice and many organizations exist like the Order of the Silver Light, the Isimovan Foundation of Thinkers and the Order of Magic.

[This race and it’s culture have been designed mixing material and ideas from the following sources: Star Trek: Federation and Starfleet, Firefly: Federation and Andromeda: Commonwealth, Issac Assimov’s Foundation & Empire]

Galactic Concord Fleet
Galactic Concord Assault Fighter Squadrons
Galactic Concord Infantry Units
Galactic Concord Officer
Galactic Concord Marine
Galactic Concord Armored Unit (MECHA)
Galactic Concord Combat Support Robot

Galactic Concord Military Combat Armor
Galactic Concord Military Plasma Pistol
Galactic Concord Military Plasma Rifle
Galactic Concord Military Heavy Plasma Gun

AIM Protocols
Galactic Concord Military Uniforms
Galactic Concord Officer Requirements
Galactic Concord Security Clearance (SECLAR)
Military Security Codes
Urban Security Codes
Security Reliability
Security Zones
General Alerts

Many planets have adopted the trainings, equipment and organization of the Galactic Concord Military as a model to their own Galactic Concord Planetary Police.

Galactic Concord Military

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